A window to a lifetime

Why Energy Efficient  Windows

New windows can also provide a sense of security and privacy to your home. With high quality and durable material, you can be sure that the only thing that is coming through your windows is natural light. You can stop intruders and poor weather from coming in. Enjoy the beauty and natural light through your new windows.

Choose from materials such as vinyl, glass, wood, and metal. Create a design that complements both the interior and exterior of your home. You can choose double-hung or single hung windows, casement or awnings, sliders, picture or garden windows or bay.

Imagine all the windows in your house in one wall now imagine all the energy that is leaking.


•Low energy costs

•UV protection (UV fades the stuff inside your home).

•Easy maintenance


•Older windows might be harder to open and close over time. This can also lead to windows not being able to remain open and falling shut.


•Windows that do not lock won’t keep the buglers away.


•Windows that do not open won’t be an exit if there is a fire.

Frequent Questions:​

When is it time to replace windows?

•If your windows need a stick wedge to hold them open.

•If the frames are starting to break apart.

•If windows are stuck.

•If your windows do not lock anymore.



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